Why do nice guys finish last?

by | Jul 9, 2018

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Do nice people really finish last?

Clinical psychologist, Jeanie Cavé, says ‘nice people’ tend to have a particular communication style, which includes:

  • high levels of empathy
  • high levels of unconditional positive regard
  • flexibility
  • congruence

Although ‘nice people’ are liked, that does not automatically translate into respect or influence, she explains.

Cavé discusses whether a ‘nice’ communication style is a barrier to your success and listeners share their personal experiences.

Someone who is nice and liked, but not respected, typically has a hard time setting effective boundaries.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

Being sincere, authentic.. being able to read somebody else’s frame of reference and being accommodating – all of those things tend to be what we define as a nice person.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

There’s a difference between being nice and being kind. There’s also a difference between a trait and a communication style.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

Not all people who are successful in business are sociopaths, and not all sociopaths are successful in business.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist


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