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“If a man can understand the why of his being, he can live with almost any how”

– Abraham Maslow

Uprooting your life and landing in a whole new country and culture isn’t a small feat!

Expats often paint a picture that their new lives are pure perfection, but research shows that the picture isn’t all rosy. Expats face twice the risk of mental health conditions, compared to those who never move abroad.

Almost 90% of expats and those in transition experience feelings of isolation and anxiety. The more you feel anxious, the more you will isolate yourself – creating a vicious cycle which is often difficult to break out of alone.

Carol Yan Quevauvilliers is Impact Therapy Centre’s online expat psychologist living in the Netherlands:

I understand these less ‘rosy’ experiences and it is important to know that you don’t have to walk through this journey alone!

Expat Mental Health Support

The idea of living abroad can be magical… But sometimes being an expat in a foreign country isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Living in a new country can be a great experience – but it can also take a significant toll on your mental health and relationships.
South African expat, Carol Yan, living in the Netherlands, knows this journey well and offers online sessions to all English- and Cantonese-speaking expats who have taken or are about to take this big step.

She is happy to work with expats all over the world and in all different time zones. She can be contacted through Impact Therapy Centre for an appointment by scrolling down to our contact form.

International Online Therapy

When working with children, adolescents, couples or adults online, Carol uses all the same approaches she would usually use in face-to-face therapy, the only difference being that therapy is done in the country and comfort of your own space. Carol has found that clients report the same quality of treatment online as in face-to-face therapy and that international clients feel closer to home, supported and less isolated when doing therapy with Carol online.

Psychologists working online with Expats

Carol Yan

Counselling Psychologist

Carol Yan is a Counselling Psychologist providing online therapy to children, adults, couples, families and expats living abroad.