Couples Therapy

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A marital or romantic relationship is like any other in that communication is critical.

Love, trust, commitment, passion, companionship and other such rewards can only be experienced in a relationship through verbal and non-verbal communication and behavior. But, a romantic relationship is also unlike any other relationship as it is exclusive, and therefore more intense. If the communication is distorted, ineffective or limited, the relationship will be experienced as frustrating, unfulfilling, and unsustainable.

How does Couples Therapy work?

Each partner will meet individually with the therapist to discuss their needs, concerns or frustrations about the relationship. From here, a treatment plan will be devised that may include a number of individual sessions before joined sessions are started. This is so that each partner can kick off the joined sessions with optimal communication, facilitating more productive sessions with better results.

Couples experiencing difficulty in their relationship will also frequently experience sexual difficulty. Sex therapy is available as part of couple’s treatment, where necessary.

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