Carol Yan

Counselling Psychologist

My Approach & Values

Carol Yan is a Virtual Counselling Psychologist who is a South African expat consulting in the Netherlands.  Carol currently works exclusively online with clients across the globe and enjoys the flexibility this has brought to her own life.  Carol’s personal journey in adjusting in her host country as well as finding her feet as a trailing spouse has given her a much deeper understanding of the magnitude of the struggles that expats face. She is passionate about assisting third culture kids, as well as adult individuals and couples within expat or international communities. In addition to this, she has a particular interest in assisting clients to heal from traumatic experiences and has a keen interest in utilising brain-based and somatic techniques to do so.  

Work from the Integrative Interactional approach where the way we relate to and engage with the world around us is central to our mental well-being.

Carol’s services are available in English and Cantonese.


• MA Counselling Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
• BA Honours in Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
• BA Psychology (University of Johannesburg)
• MMPI-2 National Accreditation (JvR Academy)
• 16PF National Accreditation (JvR Academy

Key areas of interest

Online Individual Therapy/E-Therapy
Expat Therapy
Trailing Spouse Syndrome
3rd Culture Children
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Online adapted Play Therapy
Parental Guidance
Career Guidance
Severe & Chronic Stress
Grief & Loss