Shawni Botha

Clinical Psychologist

My Approach & Values

Shawni Botha is a Clinical psychologist who is passionate about promoting mental health and facilitating personal and interpersonal growth and healing. She can assist with emotional difficulties ranging from daily life stressors to experiences of loss and trauma, relationship difficulties and life adjustments as well as has experience with more severe psychological disorders. She has training in a variety of modalities, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, DBT, CBT and Family System’s interventions. She works collaboratively with the client from an integrated perspective, and aims to tailor the therapy to meet the client’s needs and individual goals.

She enjoys working with people of all ages. However, she has a particular interest in working with children and adolescents, both therapeutically and in terms of scholastic assessments. She can assist with psychological assessments aimed at uncovering learning disorders and providing insight into emotional and behavioural difficulties. She also has specialised training in substance abuse and works systematically to promote addiction recovery.


• MA Clinical Psychology (Wits) (Cum laude)
• MA Social and Psychological Research (Wits) (Cum laude)
• BA Honours in Psychology (Wits) (Cum laude)
• BA Psychology (Wits) (Cum laude)
• Trauma Support Workshop (ACDiSA)

Key areas of interest

Play Therapy
Psychotherapy for Children
Psychotherapy for Adolescents and Young Adults
Family Therapy
Parental Guidance
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Childhood Trauma
Life Stressors and Adjustments
Relational Difficulties
Depression and Anxiety
Grief and Loss
Trauma & PTSD
Substance Abuse
Disability (congenital and acquired)  
Functional Neurological Disorders
Scholastic Assessments
Emotional, Cognitive and Neurological Assessments