Taking charge of your emotions

by | Jan 20, 2020

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Clinical psychologist Jeanie Cave says emotions do not need to be controlled but people can learn to work with them and use them to inform their experiences.

She explains that emotional intelligence is not about being unemotional but about understanding and processing your emotions – allowing you to incorporate them as valuable information into your decision making process.

Emotions serve an incredibly important function in our bodies and in our minds. The way I like to think of emotions, I like to think of emotions like the dashboard of your car – it is valuable information about what is going on under the hood…

— Jeanie Cave, Clinical psychologist

When you can read the dashboard of your car accurately, it gives you valuable information without you having to do too much mental arithmetic on what it is that I need right now, how can I keep emotions safe….

— Jeanie Cave, Clinical psychologist

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