How your sub-conscious mind can hold you back from achieving success

by | Jun 4, 2018

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Your sub-conscious thoughts can sometimes stand in the way of your success, says clinical psychologist Jeanie Cavé.

Cavé advises that being aware of how the mind works can help people overcome their fears and unlock their potential.

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Clinical psychologist Jeanie Cavé helping us, in the Family Matters slot right now, think about how the fear of breaking the rules we set for ourselves can hamper success.
— Eusebius McKaiser @Eusebius

She explains that the sub-conscious mind creates rules with which people navigate the world.

Many people don’t feel good enough as a result of these internalised rules and emotionalised thoughts, Cavé adds.

According to Cavé, self-reflection and mindfulness are key changing sub-conscious thoughts.

It’s not really a fear of success, it’s a fear of breaking the rules that we have for ourselves.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

The job of the sub-conscious is to keep you emotionally safe.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

We distort, we deflect or deny. We tend to retain these rules that we have for ourselves and the world around us.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist

A pattern of brainwaves is required to change these sub-conscious rules.

— Jeanie Cavé, clinical psychologist


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