Creating a ‘culture’ is key to making blended families work

by | Jun 12, 2017

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Blended families are the new nuclear families.

It’s much more common now to have blended families in our socio-economic demographic.

— Jeanie Cave, clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist Jeanie Cave says blended families can be difficult to navigate and have unique group dynamics and idiosyncrasies.

She stressed the importance of creating a family culture, rules and traditions that will help families function, adapt and deal with conflict.

According to Cave, blended families need to establish clarity and transparent communication about their roles and responsibilities.

When it comes to the discipline of children, Cave says step parents need to be able to discern when it is and is not their problem to address.

It’s very important to be aware of whose problem is is anyway and not getting over involved when it doesn’t involve you.

— Jeanie Cave, clinical psychologist


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